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If you are thinking about buying a home in L.A. you have come to the right place.  My approach to the home buying process is distinct. I firmly believe that there is more to buying a house than simply confining oneself to a price range and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Your home should be a haven, reflecting who you are and the life you live. One should never sacrifice lifestyle simply for what seems like a good deal.

You will notice that searching for a home on this site is unique. Using the map, you can enter some basic attributes for your search or take it one step further by adding a lifestyle layer. Find things like schools, coffee shops, stores and restaurants in proximity to any home for sale. It's all about where you live and how you live. Play around with the map and let me know what you think! If you like to crunch numbers, you are going to have a blast with the "Market Trends" function.  It's on the lower right-hand side of all maps on the page.

EastsideDigs is a blog, a neighborhood guide, a search tool. Most importantly, it is a resource for anyone thinking about buying or selling a home in Los Angeles.  Whether you are starting your search today or you have been looking for years, I appreciate you stopping by. 

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