Don't Cry Wolff!

2400 Carman Crest Dr. 

Thornton Ladd's "Wolff House," 1958, came on the market today. It's one of those situations that you just can't finance.  You pretty much need cash to buy this house, because at $1,995,000 with the public records stating that the house is 1,810 SF, the price of this 2 bedroom, 1.75 Bathroom home is north of $1,100/SF.  I don't see it appraising with any lender anywhere near that price.  But really... what do they know?  This house is amazing and will be a jewel in the crown of some smart collector.

The listing calls it aptly, "a floating glass pavilion over water."  With spectacular light, soaring ceilings and an understanding of the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, it is an iconic piece of modern architecture that must be evaluated on merit, not just comps pulled by an appraiser from the Inland Empire value.

Offered by Rob Johnson of Rodeo Realty

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