What's the definition of Buff? Burleigh! Oh... you can throw a Hensman in there too!

I had the pleasure of spending time in this gorgeous, very "original" mid-century "tour de force" built by Buff & Hensman. 820 Burliegh Drive in Pasadena

The Norton House, built in 1954 is an iconic example of Buff & Hensman's work at the time and is exemplary of the contribution their firm made to home design and architecture in the 1950s and beyond.  

Available again after being purchased by it's current owner almost exactly 1 year ago it is listed $15,000 below it's selling price in April 2010. Offered at $1,295,000, it will sell quickly.  

It's just shy of 1900 SF with 3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but the open floor plan, the indoor/outdoor flow, abundance of light and the lush landscape beyond its enormous walls of glass makes this house feel huge!

The little things... like this Picasso-esque mosaic above the range and the original cork floors and those unforgiving floor to ceiling windows that will not crumble into a thousand pieces if you walk into one by accident, but rather gut you from stem to stern (be careful, I almost did it) make this home a veritable time capsule.

It's all about the reveal! You park in a modest carport above the property. Walking down into the enclave provides a feeing of privacy. Partially through your short walk the property reveals its striking landscaping which is entirely centered around an actual flowing stream (water diverted from a nearby lake).  There are fish. There is a bridge.  The grounds are lush, verdant and make for a wonderful experience, appreciated inside and outside the home.

I think that what I like most about this property is that it is introspective and private. What I mean is that most homes are built on the high ground of a property, overseeing all  that surrounds it, striving to make the most of a view even if there is not much of a view to begin with.  This house brings you inside its own little world.  The only view you need is of your own property!  Do you want it?

Offered by Dilbeck Realtors

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