Red With Envy: Allyn Morris' Home/Studio in Silver Lake

A rare gem hits the block today in Silver Lake. Allyn Morris' studio built is in 1958 proves instantly that someone's aesthetic can literally transcend time.

This is less a home and more appropriately: a piece of art. It is not comfortable.  It is confusing at times. And it makes you think, "could I actually live here?" Regardless of the home's perplexing nature it effectively shows a confluence of imagination and whimsy with practicality and efficiency.

The space is so unusually conceived with its bedroom 3 floors up, just beyond the entrance.

Per the listing, "Meticulously restored & preserved by the current owner, & retaining original custom bathroom fixtures, mosaic, brickwork, glass and hardware, with an updated kitchen following the original blueprints with approval from Morris himself."

I think the phone beside the bed shows the importance of an attention to detail that the current owner placed on the restoration. Nice touch!!!

The structure flows from top to bottom, revealing a world of fantasy and intrigue all the way down to the 1st floor office.

Julius Schulman called it the best work Morris ever did.

Offered by Michael Phillips of Crosby Doe Associates

The property is a scant 1,026 SF on a 4,800 SF lot. It is listed for $668,000.

If you want to own it, please EMAIL ME or call anytime: (310) 991-3808